History Of
Sweet Bundle Of Joy

SBOJ was founded by Cynthia Lynn Stigger, a poet and an author who was inspired to start a support group website after writing a poem about her grandson that was born with a life threatening illness. After pondering the poem for awhile, she started the website SBOJ which is an online, uplifting support page for mothers that have a child born with a life threatening illness or a major disability.

To have a child born with a life threatening or severe disabilities, life can be devastating and heart breaking for a mother. Although other people can sympathize with their pain, no one can actually feel the heart wrenching pain in a motherís soul when they learn that the baby that they are carrying or have given birth to are severely handicap, severely mentally challenge, missing limbs, blind, have terminal cancer, or a life threatening disease.

Although a father can be very connected to their child, and love them with all of their heart and soul, they will never be able to experience what the mother of that child goes through after bonding with her child for nine months, growing inside of her and living off of every breath of air that she takes. He will never be able to comprehend the feelings that a mother gets each and every time thereís a fluttering within her body, as a reminder, that life is growing deep inside of her.

Only a mother in a similar situation can relate to the devastating feeling that arrives when the doctor tells the mother that her SBOJ would always need a lifetime of medical care. And only the mother of a special needs child can relate to that need.

As I just introduce to you the history of SBOJ, my purpose now is to reach out and invite all mothers with special needs children, whether they are new born or forty years old, to share your story. There are so many mothers out there that are still taking care of their SBOJ that are fully grown adults, that will never be able to take care of them self. There are so many mothers out there that are wondering in their mind, who would take care of their SBOJ when they are no longer able to take care of them. There are so many single mothers out there raising their SBOJ alone. And there are so many mothers out there just like you, that just need someone to share their feelings with, and that someone is YOU.

We welcome you to share your story and read other stories on how mothers deal with a similar situation on a daily basis.

Sweet Bundle Of Joy

Cynthia Lynn Stigger

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The idea for Sweet Bundle of Joy was created
based on personal experiences from its
creator Cynthia Lynn Stigger


Sweet Bundle Of Joy vision is to comfort and inspire mothers all over the world with children with severe disabilities


Sweet Bundle Of Joy mission is to bring these mothers together on-line, and in other various forms, to share their stories of joy and triumph over adversities, and to bring inspiration and strength to one another

"Sharing Something So Special"